I’ve Got a Blog

Keeping up with something is a bit of a struggle for me. What can I say? Consistency is a hard discipline to master. As an indie author, having consistent content available is as important as breathing when it comes to survival in this thriving marketplace of stories. I haven’t liked the idea of making a blog or anything of the like, considering the time and effort it takes to maintain it. For a while, I tried uploading novel chapters to this site. Maybe some of you have read it. (You should if you haven’t.) It was a good exercise.

However, that consistency stopped a few months back. Got a little behind/burnout/lazy, whatever you want to call it. In a way, blogging might be the easiest method to have information and content for those that seek it. After all, a blog post can be as long, short, professional, or inexperienced as I wish it to be. Meanwhile, novel chapters take longer to complete and, at least to me, need a certain level of quality that’s hard to produce on a regular basis. This might be my own naive way of looking at blogging, but there it is. So from now on, I will attempt blogging on this site, updating it as often as I can. What you can expect is random topics I find interesting, general information on my writing process, and what I’m up to in my free time. Perhaps I can discuss other aspects of my life when I feel more comfortable. I make no promises on how often there will be updates. Follow the site on social media or check in every week or two. Whatever you do, let it be at your own convenience. Don’t like to stress anyone out here.

See you in the next one.

Published by williamhdewayne

I'm a Self-Published Author, Borderline Otaku, and Rock/Metal Lover. Check out my books on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Minds-Journey-Gamelit-Fantasy-Adventure-ebook/dp/B08MLCQQLR/

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