What’s Going on with Me

This post is gonna be a little tricky for me. Though I like to write and I’m trying to get my name out there as much as possible, gotta admit that I’m a little wary about sharing too much. Still, if I want to run a blog, I need to be willing to open up a little about myself.

This is gonna be interesting.

For right now, I’ll tell a little about what I’ve been up to this week. To begin, I had to put my time in at my day job. Have to pay the bills and all that. Got a little sick Monday night and had to call out on Tuesday. Good thing I have plenty of sick time stored up. Not sure what I had, and I’m not too keen on looking it up. Had a slight fever. Had a headache and had trouble sleeping. Whatever it was, I knew that I’d be miserable, maybe make it worse, if I tried to push through it and work anyway. Have to take care of yourself.

On my sick day off, I picked up my copy of Fire Emblem Awakening. Haven’t played that game in a year or so. I had a great time starting a new file. Played a girl avatar this time named Hel (after the daughter of Loki in Norse mythology). Set the game on lunatic mode with the casual setting. I learned a while back that classic is too difficult for me. My mistake was believing I had a chance on the hardest mode of the game. Made it to level 3 and kept dying. (I know. I’m awful at video games.) Ended up resetting the game and deleting the old file. Remade my avatar and played on hard mode instead. This mode has its challenges, but I can beat it. All I wanted to do was enjoy the game. I don’t find dying over and over without a chance of winning fun. So yeah, been playing that this week.

In terms of writing news, nothing much to report. Worked on And the Fog Rolled In. It’s at 16000 words now. Worked a little on a story with the working title: Knight from Hell. Might talk about that one sometime, but no need to discuss it now.

The end of the work week met me at a crawl. I’m glad my job is Monday through Friday so I can have the weekends off. However, I had plenty to do over the weekend. When I got home, I needed to clean my house a little and mow the lawn. On Saturday, I cleaned a beach house.

Next week, I get to work for one of my coworkers. He’s got a side job sanding cabinets and repainting them. Hired me this week to help him out. It’ll be a great chance to get a little extra money and learn a skill. Hope it won’t wear me out too much, but I doubt I’ll have a lot of time for writing. A fella has to sleep sometime.

Welp. That concludes talking about my life for now. Hope it wasn’t too weird. (Haha.)

That’s all the time we have for today. Got plenty of work left to do before the sun sets. Have a great day. May the wind be at your back. Hope God blesses you and yours. You know, all that stuff. Later.

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