June Update/Where Have I Been/Work

Sorry for not having any posts up in the last few weeks. As is typical of me, there’s no point in promising how often I’ll post or when something is coming. Life has a habit of making things a little inconvenient, but you aren’t here for excuses. What’s been going on with me? Well, IContinue reading “June Update/Where Have I Been/Work”

What’s Going on with Me

This post is gonna be a little tricky for me. Though I like to write and I’m trying to get my name out there as much as possible, gotta admit that I’m a little wary about sharing too much. Still, if I want to run a blog, I need to be willing to open upContinue reading “What’s Going on with Me”

First Official Post/Newest WIP

Thinking of a first official post is a bit daunting. You want to kick things off right. It can set the tone for the rest of the blog. Wish I knew if it could help or hurt a blog’s growing reader base. With all of this in mind, I’m gonna go for the gusto andContinue reading “First Official Post/Newest WIP”